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Apr 30, 2011

Egg custard without eggs

Hello! I am happy to see you again. I will update this blog once a week.
I'm sorry. Update of an article this week was delayed.Since I had an event yesterday, I could not write.I made ​​sushi at the event. It is made ​​with vegetable sushi. I'm glad,because many people said that vegetable sushi is delicious.

Well, I want to introduce in today's cuisine.Do you know "tyawanmushi"? It is one of the Japanese home cooking.It is also a popular dish for children and adults.
Typically it is made by using eggs and vegetables.Mix eggs,vegetable and soup,and steam it.But I do not use eggs. Instead I used a yam.It is also very good.

ingredients for 1 person

2 oz yam
3tbsp soy milk
2tsp miso
1/2tsp pepper
1 green pepper
1 oz carrots

Please chopped carrots and green peppers.

Please worn down yam.

Mix well yam,miso and soy milk.

Put vegetables and pepper and mix it.

It into a bowl. Put it in a pot containing water.And heat the pot.

Please put a lid on the pot. Then heat 5 minutes.

Now it is ready.While this dish is hot, please eat with a spoon.I have put the pepper, this dish is delicious without pepper.You can also use other spices.Please enjoy with your favorite seasoning!

This blog is updated once a week, in the right side, I will briefly introduce my Japanese blog recipe.Please come and enjoy! See you next week!

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