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Mar 11, 2011

Easy maze-zushi

Hello! I am glad to see you again. I will update this blog for the first time a week.
Today's recipe is sushi.There are a several types of sushi.Among the most famous is nigiri-zushi.Nigiri-zushi is often eaten at the sushi restaurant.
Japanese housewives cook sushi simpler.They are maze-zushi and chirashi-zushi.maze-zushi is rice mixed with ingredients,and chirashi-zushi is vinegared rice topped with ingredients.
Well, I will teach you how to make very simple maze-zushi.Cut vegetables steamed in vinegar, mixed with white rice only.It's easy!

ingredients for 1 person

4〜5 kidney beans(about 2oz)
1/3 carrot(about 2oz)
4oz white rice
1tbsp dry wakeme
1tbsp venegar
1tbsp mirin(or 1/2tbsp sugar)
1/4tsp salt

Chop carrots and kidney beans.

These and vinegar, mirin and salt into the pot,and put a lid on the pot and fire.Please braise until the vegetables are tender.It is about 3 minutes.

Mix the rice with this. Please be mixed with seaweed.Dried seaweed is used in a while. It is naturally soft because of the heat of rice.

Now, maze-zushi has been completed! This dish would be so easy? You'd also use other vegetables.Please try!

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