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Jun 3, 2011

fried carrot

Hello! I am happy to see you again. I will update this blog once a week.
Rainy season has come to be known as the rainy season.Every day is a rainy day in Tokyo.But today is fine for a long time!

Well, let me introduce today's cuisine.
Today's recipe is fried carrot.Today's recipe is fried carrot. Carrots are good fits with miso. So today is a taste of miso fly.

ingredients for 1 person

1 small carrot (about 3 oz)
2tsp miso
2tbsp flour
2tbsp soy milk
Sesami oil

Cut into bite-size carrots.

Mix the carrot and miso.

Mix flour and soy milk.

Put the carrots and mix there.

Heat oil to fry the carrots.

Now, this dish is complete.Carrot and miso is a good coupling.Please try to eat.Carrots are sweet and delicious, you will surely surprised!

This blog is updated once a week, in the right side, I will briefly introduce my Japanese blog recipe.Please come and enjoy! See you next week!

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