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Feb 11, 2011

Without an egg Carrot tempura

Hello! Nice to see you again. It is the first time in a week.
Today's recipe is sliced carrot tempura.Japanese-style tempura is usually used eggs.But today I will show you how to make without eggs.Making tempura coating with flour and soy milk gives this a very crunchiness.It is also very good sesame flavor.

ingredients for 1 person

carrot 3oz
3tbsp flour
2tbsp soy milk
A pinch of salt
1tbsp sesami
oil,for flying

Cut carrots into strips.

Mix flour and soy milk, add salt and sesame seeds also.

Mix the carrots into the bowl.

Heat oil and put carrots in there.The size is much eaten in one bite.Small amount of oil is fine.Turn one side becomes crisp.Once the whole crispy tempura, lift from oil.

Now ready! Carrots are very sweet.Texture is crunchy.This is low calorie tempura,because small amounts of oil.Please try it!

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